Answers questions about the January 15th deadline and the United Nations resolution
Although, officially entitled and "address", this becomes a press conference with a statement about the previous day's United Nations Security Council vote endorsing the use of military force against Iraq if economic sanctions appear to be ineffective. Promises that if we enter a war, it will not be a half-hearted effort like Vietnam; it will be an all-out fight for victory. Announces that James Baker, Secretary of State, will be going to Baghdad to visit Saddam Hussein in the hopes of achieving a peaceful solution on our terms. Taraq Aziz, Iraq's foreign minister has been invited to Washington to talk with him. Answers questions about the January 15 deadline, the UN resolution, "post-war" stability safeguards in the Gulf area, hostages in the US Embassy in Kuwait, Iraq's capacity to build an atomic bomb, consultation with Congress, rising oil prices, the draft.

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