America's Town Meeting of the Air: Is an economic plan for world peace possible?
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This debate centers around a plan proposed by Dr. Paul van Zeeland, former Premier of Belgium. The plan's economic basis would reputedly prevent another World War. Van Zeeland opens with a comment on the nature of peace and war. He feels that the order created by the post-World War I treaties has disappeared and seeks to organize international relations through economic ties that benefit all. He feels that the big nations of the world have to take the lead. He closes with an appeal to the 'increased strength' and 'growing greatness' of the United States. Watson speaks next; he favors Van Zeeland's plan 'in the main,' and praises the way it has made people think. He also makes a reference to Chamberlain's notorious proclamation of 'peace in our time.' Robinson feels free trade is important to world peace. Dr. Alexander is opposed to the plan because of the effects it would have on the United States.

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