White House Briefing on the Iranian Situation and United States Energy Conservation
Part one
On this part of the briefing, Jack Watson makes introductions and Secretary of Energy Charles Duncan speaks first. He feels that the oil problems caused by the hostage crisis in Iran were inevitable and illustrate that America is too dependent on foreign oil. He gives an overview of the world petroleum situation, of the situation in Iran, and of the effect of cutting off the Iranian oil; his presentation includes statistics and projections of oil consumption and production. He says that the United States is likely to incur an oil reduction of 700,000 barrels a day, within fifty days. President Carter begins his part of the briefing by thanking the governors for their support. He then warns against abusing Iranians living in America and explains that he has been reluctant to issue permits for demonstrations in the United States because it might adversely affect the hostages. He has frozen some Iranian assets and reminds reporters of the United Nations' condemnation of the Iranian government. He also addresses possible shortages and gasoline rationing.

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