Carter's Energy Address to the Nation
President Carter describes steps for combating the energy problem. He wants to impose a Windfall Profits Tax on oil companies so that the people can share in some of the profit of deregulation. The money will go into an energy security fund used to protect low-income families from price increases, for mass transit, and for research into solving America's long-term energy problems. He calls on people to use less oil even though they are going to have to pay more for it. Carter knows that the oil companies will fight the tax and expects special interest groups to try to abuse the resulting energy security fund; he calls on Americans to let Congress know that they support the tax and that they want to see the money spent the way it was intended to be. Next, Carter describes how he is going to make the domestic production of energy (oil, natural gas, coal, and solar), as well as the importation of energy, easier. He also stresses the need for conservation, calling it 'our cheapest and cleanest energy source.' Among other things, he wants to keep thermostats no higher than 65 degrees in winter and no lower than 80 in summer. He also asks people to drive less each week. Next, Carter discusses avenues of technological research into more abundant sources of energy, including hydroelectric and solar power. Carter also mentions a recent accident at a nuclear power plant in Three Mile Island.

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