Half-Hour Radio Segment In Which Charles Lindbergh Speaks Before an America First Committee Rally, and John B. Hughes Gives His
Charles A. Lindbergh gives a speech entitled, "Election Promises Should Be Kept - We Lack Leadership That Places America First" to an America First Committee Rally at Madison Square Garden in New York. Lindbergh speaks of the division in America between those who believe that the country should fight for foreign causes, and those who do not, and advocates the latter view. He speaks of the costs of intervening in the war in terms of lives lost and the threat to democracy, freedom, and the American way of life. After a brief commercial break for a pain-relieving product called Aspertane, the recording continues with "News and Views By John B. Hughes". Hughes speaks of the war between Germany and the Soviet Union, domestic labor issues, and other economic matters in the U.S.

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