Studs Terkel Interviews Lowell Steward and Colonel Edward Gleed
Part Three
In this portion of the interview, Lowell tells how the 99th Fighter Squadron was the only fighter group in the entire Air Force that did not lose a bomber to enemy aircraft. Because of this, the 99th was in high demand for missions run by white bombing crews. The discussion turns to recreation, which was segregated for the most part. Lowell talks about how he was responsible for procuring a hostel that the African American pilots could use as a recreation hall. This segregation extended into the service clubs and officers' clubs as well, even in northern states, such as Michigan. Lowell speaks of actions taken by African Americans to stand up against this sort of discrimination, relating an incident where black soldiers tried to get entrance to a white officers' club, and the consequences and hardships that those men faced for their actions.

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