Fireside Chat, April 14, 1938
President Roosevelt evaluates the current economic situation and describes a recent message to the Congress. He explains that gains have been made since 1933, but in the last half-year, the economy 'has received a visible setback.' He explains the collapse of 1929 in terms of 'over speculation in, and over production of, practically every article or instrument used by man.' He argues that the government must be involved in stimulating the economy, and states that additional funds must be made available for government programs. He also wants to make 'additional bank reserves available for the credit needs of the country.' Roosevelt also wants funding allocated for new projects above and beyond the ones that are already in place. He feels that a 'strong and successful' government can keep fascism at bay and also states that all Americans should share in the nation's prosperity. He calls for a minimum wage and a limit on working hours.

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