Fireside Chat, April 28, 1935
President Roosevelt describes the social and economic climate and discusses steps that the government is taking to put people back to work and rebuild America. He describes in detail his work relief program. He says, 'First, the projects should be useful. Secondly, the project should be of a nature that a considerable proportion of the money spent will go into wages for labor. Third, projects that promise ultimate return to the federal Treasury of a considerable proportion of the costs will be sought as far as possible. Fourth, funds allotted for each project should be actually and promptly spent, and not held over until later years for the spending. Fifth, in all cases projects must be of a character to give employment to those on the relief rolls first. And finally, projects will be allocated to the localities, or to the relief areas, in relation to the number of workers on the relief roles in those areas.' Roosevelt also discusses his program for social security, including unemployment insurance. He also calls for an extension to the National Industry Recovery Act and for changes to the public utility industry. Roosevelt also talks about improving transportation agencies and about adjustments to the Federal Reserve system.

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