The greatest moments in sports
Part 1, Boxing: 1919 Jack Dempsey, Jess Willard; 1927 Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney; 1928 James J. Corbett; 1937 Joe Louis, James Braddock; Joe Louis, Tommy Farr; 1938 Joe Louis, Max Schmeling; 1939 Tony Galento; 1941 Joe Louis, Buddy Baer; Joe Louis, Lou Nova; Joe Louis enters Army; 1946 Billy Conn, Tami Mauriello; 1947 Jersey Joe Walcott; Grantland Rice sees end of the road for the champ; 1951 Rocky Marciano. Part 2, Football and Tennis: 1925 Knute Rockne, pep talk; 1929 Roy Riegels, Rose Bowl; 1951 Harry Wismer, Army-Navy game; 1941 Pearl Harbor announcement,Giant-Dodger game; 1941 Connie Mack, Babe Ruth, other Japanese meets. 1933 Helen Jacobs talks about Helen Wills; 1951 British announcer at Wimbledon Part 3, Baseball: 1928 Babe Ruth on his ambitions; 1929 Babe Ruth to hospitalized kids; Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig comedy routine; 1934 Carl Hubbell describes the All-Star game; 1935 Babe Ruth retires; 1938 Johny Vander Meer on second no-run, no-hit game; 1939 Lou Gehrig tribute; 1947 Cookie Lavagetto breaking no hit world series; Al Gionfriddo in same game; 1948 Babe Ruth's farewell; 1951 Bobby Thomson's home run in the playoff game. Part 4, Olympics and Horse racing : 1932 United States Vice-President Charles Curtis opens Olympics; 1936 Adolf Hitler opens Olympic games; Jesse Owens wins four gold medals; 1952 Josy Barthel after Olympic victory; 1954 Roger Bannister breaks the four minute mile. 1941 Whirlaway wins the Kentucky Derby; 1948 Citation wins the Kentucky Derby; 1953 Native Dancer wins the Wood Memorial; 1934 Earle Sande sings a song. PARTICIPANTS/PERFORMERS: Don Dunphy, narrator (part 1); Clem McCarthy, narrator (parts 2 and 4); Mel Allen, narrator (part 3); Marty Glickman, narrator (part 4).

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