Title: Kwan Nanking
Secondary Title: Man with a
Tumor: Gourd-shaped steatomatous tumour
Case Number: 4606
Year: 1837
Modern Suggestion: According to the doctors consulted by the Gordon: Probable lipoma.
Credit: Courtesy of The Gordon Museum
Dr. Peter Parker's Case History
Dr. Parker's case report: December 18, 1837 "Its bulbous portion was about one foot circumference, and its neck four or five inches long and the circular attachment of its peduncle about two inches diameter. Its lower part was in an ulcerated state. On the 28th February it was removed and the patient was presently well. Its singular form and attachment entitle it to notice."
Additional Commentary

The Mysteries of Lam Qua: Medical Portraiture in China 1836 - 1855
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