Title: Woo Pun
Secondary Title: Man with tumor on left side of neck and face
Description: oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches, by Lam Qua, ca. 1837
Tumor: Cartilaginous tumour
Case Number: 3488
Year: 1837
Modern Suggestion: Pleomorphic salivary adenoma.
Credit: Courtesy of The Gordon Museum
Dr. Peter Parker's Case History
ed a groan." Postoperatively Dr Parker called at 1 am when the "poor man was apparently gasping his last." Blood loss had caused a "wedge between bandage and trachea." "The neck was instantly freed of the roller ... His mouth was immediately cleared of phlegm, and his nose of blood ... He soon revived and spoke, and his breathing was easy....After reapplying the dressing, he had a comfortable night, and in onemonth was perfectly recovered. He has repeatedly visited the hospital. His constitution has wonderfully recovered from the inroads of the disease and he again enjoys excellent health, and evinces unbounded gratitude. he seems to regard the favor received, as conferring on him full liberty to intorduce any and all his diseased friends. This is very uniformly the case with such as have received any especial benefit. I know not upon what principle of human nature to explain it, unless it be that of implicit confidence."
Additional Commentary
The problem of gratitude mentioned at the end of Parker's entry signals the way in which the good Reverend Doctor was beginning to chafe in 1837 at the way his surgical success was creating hero-worship rather than Christian worship, increasing his workload without increasing his chances to influence the population in terms of medical or religious enlightenment.

The Mysteries of Lam Qua: Medical Portraiture in China 1836 - 1855
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