Title: Leang Yen (?) see commentary
Secondary Title: Woman with tumor of the right wrist and arm
Description: by Lam Qua oil on canvas, 24 x 18 inches, ca. 1838 Courtesy of Yale University Medical Historical Library
Tumor: osteo-meudllary sarcoma
Case Number: 5721
Year: 1838
Modern Suggestion: no modern suggestion
Dr. Peter Parker's Case History
mushroom. About the 10th January the patient was told that she might go home whenever she pleased, but she preferred remaining still longer where everything was provided for her. On the 19th January, the husband having returned for her, she was discharged in excellent spirits, and both were very thankful. The action of the liver had been excited, her skin has become soft and natural, and the prospect is that she may live for years, and enjoy good health. The opportunity was improved in impressing upon them their obligations to the living God, and author of all their mercies."
Additional Commentary
her stay. Leang Yen feels trapped and at risk of spousal abandonment. Caught out in her attempt to obtain financial independence by selling herself for what she perceived of as medical experimentation and then ashamed at the appearance of her own ungratitude, she is cornered by her husband into an operation she evidently dreads. A hungry non-compliant patient, she eats with gusto "oily sausages." With an uncanny,almost novelistic sense of setting, the operation takes place in the midst of one of the early Canton riots that touched off the opium wars--a struggle that emblematized the chaos coercion and rancor of Chinese and Western relations. In the context of the case, it is this despair that Lam Qua's image conveys.

The Mysteries of Lam Qua: Medical Portraiture in China 1836 - 1855
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