Audio Technology



Frequency response
Polar Patterns
Proximity effect
Cabling and phantom power

Recording techniques

Recording environment
Microphone placement
Signal processing and special effects


Recording devices

Analog recorders
Digital recorders
DAT recorders
Minidisk recorders
PC card and CD-R recorders
Hard disk recorders


A-to-D conversion

Improving audio digitization
Digitization workflow

Analysis and Delivery

Preparing files for analysis and delivery
Digital restoration
LPC in acoustic analysis

Audio Technology / Recording / Recording Devices / PC card and CD-R recorders...

Marantz has developed a line of professional quality solid state PC card filed recorders. They have impressive features, one of which is the ability to record uncompressed PCM 16-bit audio at the sample rate 44,100 Hz. These recorders are compatible with both compact flash and ATA-size PC cards. The data is stored as a Wav audio file, which can be easily downloaded to a PC with a PC card reader. Unfortunately, the cost of a PC card capable of containing an hour of uncompressed audio is still prohibitively high, and it is uncertain whether the electronic industry will continue to be interested in developing high-capacity, inexpensive memory cards. Recently, Marantz has released a portable CD recorder, PSD 300 (PHOTO>>), which boasts the same professional features as other Marantz portables, but writes data directly to a CD-R or CD-RW. Since this is a new release, it still remains to be seen how the PSD copes with quality issues as well as the demands of fieldwork.

Audio Technology
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